Fort McMurray Airport Authority Expands Art Program

October 15, 2014

Fort McMurray, AB, October 15, 2014: The Fort McMurray International Airport is growing its art program with the unveiling of a newly commissioned painting by local artist Lucas Seaward.

 The new piece titled “Lasting Impression” was unveiled to the public today.  “My aim is to create compositions that extend beyond the canvas,” says Seaward. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is my goal to create art images that will evoke emotion and stimulate conversation and dialogue. This piece in particular is meant to represent permanence, or symbolize “putting your foot down” or really what I see as the Airport making a lasting and positive impression in the community,” says Seaward.

 “All of the artworks installed to date complement the terminal’s modern design in terms of colors, materials and textures. Placement of art helps us to create a welcoming experience for visitors,” says Scott Clements, President & CEO of the Fort McMurray Airport Authority.

 There are four original works of art throughout the international terminal building. Seaward’s first commissioned artwork, titled “Sky Explorer” is featured in the airports boardroom. This work was part of the first three original art installations when the terminal opened in June. More works are expected to be added to the collection in the future.

 About the Artist

Lucas Seaward is an established artist in the Wood Buffalo region. His paintings are most known for the use of bitumen, a 100-million year old organic material derived from oil sands. His works typically convey modern-day subject matter, conceptually capturing the intersection of global industrialization and symbiosis.

 About the Airport Art Program

The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is committed to creating an airport that is both an international gateway to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo while striving to be Canada’s premier regional airport. The Fort McMurray International Airport art program currently features four original artworks by Western Canadian artists. In addition to the pieces by Seaward, other works include “Daedalist” by David Robinson, which is suspended in the arrivals hall, and “Water Ways” by Liz Ingram is incorporated into the glass wall in the passenger hold room.



 Media Contact:

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Fort McMurray Airport Authority

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