The Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) offers guided tours of the airport grounds, facilities and infrastructure. The community is always welcome to experience the terminal’s incredible works of art and architecture. During the tour, guests will look behind the scenes at YMM’s world of aviation and learn about what it takes to keep an airport running each day.

Types of Tours

School Group Tour (Pre-Security Only)

The Pre-Security School Group Tour is YMM’s most popular option. This option works for groups including minors or other guests who may not have a government-issued photo identification card (school ID cards are not accepted).  

  • Group Size: 1-30 people
  • Tour Time: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Business Tour (Pre-Security Only)

YMM’s Business Tours offer a view of the airport’s operations before security only. Guests will learn about various career options in the aviation industry from the experts, including pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers and the many other professionals helping YMM operate successfully.

  • Group Size: 1-10 people
  • Tour Time: 1.5 hours

Post-Security Tour Inquiries

Secure area tour requests are assessed on a per-request basis. Please note, parties interested in booking a secure area tour, must provide the below required listed items two days prior to the tour.

  • A full list of names of all tour participants.
  • Scanned copies of government-issued photo identification (I.e. a valid passport or driver’s license) for all tour participants.