Welcome to the Fort McMurray International Airport’s (YMM) Employee Team! The Transport Canada Security Clearance Process is mandatory for all employees hired who require post-security access and must obtain a Restricted Area Identification Card (RAIC). Employees must start the process immediately as it can take three months or more to complete the entire process.

Documents Required

Every individual requiring unescorted access to the restricted area of Fort McMurray International Airport must obtain a transportation security clearance.

Your employer will submit a Temporary Restricted Area Access Pass form for you to obtain a daily visitor pass. This pass will be available to you daily for 14 days.

During your first 14 days you will need to:

  • Obtain a Criminal Record Check from the RCMP, located at 105 Paquette Dr. in Timberlea.
  • Complete YMM Security Awareness Training by creating an account here: https://www.ymmtraining.ca/.
  • Your employer will send you a link to complete your application for your transportation security clearance.

Once the above steps have been completed, your Transportation Security Clearance document will be submitted to the Pass Office for review. After your application has been reviewed and is ready to submit to Transport Canada, the Pass Office will contact you to schedule an appointment.

At your Pass Office appointment, a Temporary Pass will be issued (if required), and fingerprints and a photo will be taken. These will be submitted along with the Transportation Security Clearance Application

The following and forms will be required at your Pass Office appointment:

For further assistance using DocuSign:

For additional assistance, check out this resource from Transport Canada.