The Fort McMurray Airport Authority aims to celebrate and promote arts and culture by displaying artist exhibits on digital screens throughout the terminal and its website. The YMM Digital Art Exhibit program provides a unique opportunity for artists to showcase their talent to a large and diverse audience of travellers from around the world.

Unraveling the Mosaic by Lynel Baguio

Launched in May 2024, photographer Lynel Baguio’s Unraveling the Mosaic: Puzzling the Pieces of Our Region exhibition, is a collection of photo captured throughout Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. As the second artist announced for the 2024 YMM Digital Art Exhibit’s Connecting Cultures, Inspiring Journeys theme, Lynel explains he “felt compelled” to showcase Northern Alberta through his lens in the way he sees it, so others can see its beauty.

“Prior to coming to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, I encountered various misconceptions about living in the region. I felt compelled to counter these stereotypes through my artwork, revealing the true beauty that exists here.”

About the Artist

Lynel Baguio is a third-year nursing student at Keyano College in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Originally from the Philippines, Baguio embarked on his photography journey after relocating to Calgary in 2010. In 2020, he made his way to Fort McMurray to pursue his studies in nursing.

Find more of Lynel’s photography on Instagram @lynelbaguio or visit

Ad Astra: To the Stars by Jon Tupper

Launched in February 2024, photographer Jon Tupper’s Ad Astra: To the Stars exhibition, is a collection of astrophography captured from his backyard in Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo. He translates his exhibit to the 2024 YMM Digital Art Exhibit’s Connecting Cultures, Inspiring Journeys theme as described below:

“The stars and cosmos have united humanity since we first lifted our eyes and began to wonder, “What is out there?” From the Bedoiun of the Arabian Peninsula to Cree, Dene and Metis people of our region, the stars have inspired legends, informed the seasons, and guided our journeys… the sky has always connected cultures.”

Andromeda Galaxy (Messier 31)
One trillion stars, 2.5 million light-years away.
Collision with Milky Way, 4.5 billion years.

About the Artist

Jon Tupper photography has been featured in Sky News Magazine, a publication of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, as well as Global News and CTV News. Jon also works part-time as a news writer for Harvard Media News, which broadcasts Play 103.7 and 100.5 Cruz FM.

When not out star-gazing, he often finds himself answering astronomy questions in inquiries through his Facebook group: Fort McMurray Amateur Astronomy.

Exhibition prints are available for purchase online. Visit the Jon Tupper Astrophotography website.

Living North by Crystal Mercredi

Launched in September 2023, award-winning photographer Crystal Mercredi’s Living North exhibition shows a diverse collection of people who call Northern Alberta home. From pilots to athletes, the exhibit features community residents in the way they experience Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo, with the intent to promote regional pride.

About the Artist

Crystal Mercredi is an eternal optimist with overwhelming gratitude for the people she has had the opportunity to connect with in life. She has a wonderful family heavily involved in the community.

Originally moving to Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo to teach, Crystal has since shifted her career into commercial photography after discovering a deep interest in encouraging entrepreneurial success.

To learn more about her work, visit her professional site at