Long-Term and Short-Term Parking

The Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) offers long-term and short-term parking. Lots are well-lit, patrolled by security, and equipped with accessible parking. All parking stalls include electrical outlets for usage during the winter months at no cost to guests. Free parking is available for purchases made at our restaurants and retail outlets. Conditions apply. See below for further details.

Short-Term Parking (Lot B)

YMM has 430 short-term parking stalls in the lot closest to the terminal. There is no time limit for short-term parking. Costs for parking are higher due to convenience.

Parking Costs

First 20 Minutes: FREE

Hourly Maximum: $2.00 (Including the first 20 minutes) $3.00 (Each additional hour)

Daily Maximum: $25.00

Weekly Maximum: $175

Annual Pass: $2,250 – Passes can be purchased at the Fort McMurray Administration Office on Level 3. To inquire, email info@flyymm.com or call (780) 793-8979.

Long-Term Parking (Lot C)

Lot C offers more than 1,400 stalls for guests to park for several hours, a few days, or for a week or more.

Parking Costs

First 20 Minutes: FREE

Hourly Maximum: $1.50

Daily Maximum: $17.00

Weekly Maximum: $100.00

Parking Calculator

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Paying for Parking

The Parking Pay Stations at the terminal exit only accept credit / debit cards as a valid payment. To pay by cash, guests must pay inside the terminal at the Parking Pay Stations located on Level 1, near the main entrance. 

Customers have the following payment options available to them:

  1. Pay at the Parking Pay Stations before leaving the airport terminal.
    Located on Level 1, near the entrance and Famoso, the machines accept cash and credit cards.

For convenience, an ATM machine is available near the elevators on Level 1.

Once paid, guests need to keep their ticket to use at the Exit Parking Pay Station to leave the parking lot. Note: Guests have 20 minutes from the time of payment to exit the parking lot before additional charges occur.

  1. Pay at the Exit. All three lanes at the parking lot exit have pay stations and accept credit / debit card payments. Guests need to insert the ticket and then pay with their credit / debit card.

Parking Lot Power Cycle

The parking lot power outlets at Fort McMurray International Airport operate on a temperature and timer-based cycle, with the power alternating between the parking rows (when one row is on, another is off). Please see the chart below for the power cycle.

YMM Parking Lot Power Cycle

Power Cycles are 12 minutes and alternate between rows.

Temperature Range
ºC (ºF)
% of Time ON During
12 Minutes Cycle
Actual ON Time During
12 Minutes Cycle
0ºC & Warmer0%0 minutes
0º to -6ºC (32ºF to 21ºF)25%3 minutes
-6ºC to –12ºC (21ºF to 10ºF)50%6 minutes
-12ºC to -18ºC (10ºF to 0ºF)75%9 minutes
-18ºC & Colder (0ºF & Colder)100%12 minutes

Parking Promotions

Dine & Dash
Get 3 hours of free parking when you spend $10 or more at a restaurant or shop: Dine and then Dash on the parking. Ask your server for your validation ticket.

Grab & Go Parking
Guests can park on Level 2 at Departures and receive free parking for 15 minutes when grabbing a quick coffee or picking up takeout.

Accessible Parking

YMM has accessible parking in both short-term and long-term parking. Guests are required to have a registered disabled parking placard when parking in the accessible parking space.

Need more information about accessibility at YMM?