Artist Calls

The Fort McMurray Airport Authority is committed to providing its guests with a perspective of our community within the Fort McMurray International Airport terminal. 

Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo attracts artists from all art disciplines and backgrounds. Some grew up in the region and others came from around the globe, bringing with each their diverse talents and broad views. To learn more about the local arts community, visit the Arts Council Wood Buffalo website.

Please see the current artist call below

Call for Artists: YMM Digital Art Exhibit

The Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM) is seeking artists to submit their work for the new YMM Digital Art Exchibit, to be showcased on the airport’s prominent digital screens. This exciting opportunity invites artists to contribute their creativity and talent to enhance the airport experience for travellersto enjoy. YMM is looking for captivating artwork that is appropriate for all ages and demonstrates respect for all cultures and identities.

**2024 Theme: Connecting Cultures, Inspiring Journeys**

The theme of the exhibit is “Connecting Cultures, Inspiring Journeys.” Artists are encouraged to explore the concept of cultural diversity, unity, and the transformative power of travel. The artwork should reflect the vibrant and inclusive spirit of Fort McMurray Wood Buffalo and celebrate the rich diversity of community members and/or the region.

Submission Guidelines

1. Medium: Artists are welcome to submit artwork in any medium suitable for digital display, including but not limited to digital art, photography, illustrations, paintings, and mixed media.

2. Content: Artwork must be suitable for all ages and free from explicit or offensive content. It should respect and celebrate diversity of cultures, traditions, and identities.

3. Technical Specifications: Digital artworks should be submitted in formats compatible with display on the airport’s digital screens. Specific technical requirements will be provided upon selection.

4. Submission Process: Artists should submit a brief proposal outlining their concept and vision for the artwork, along with samples of their previous work that demonstrate their artistic style and proficiency.  Please note: The exhibit will showcase from 5 to 10 digital photos of the artist’s work.

5. Deadline: Sunday, December 31, 2023

Selection Process and Installation

A panel of experts from the Fort McMurray International Airport and the local arts community will review final submissions. Artworks will be selected based on artistic merit, alignment with theme, and appropriateness for display in a public space. Successful artists will be notified of their selection via email.

Upon selection, artists will work closely with the airport’s curatorial team to finalize the technical details and ensure optimal presentation of their artwork on the digital screens. The exhibition will be installed with care and attention to detail to create an engaging and visually stunning experience for airport visitors.

Selected artists will receive a $500 honorarium and the Fort McMurray Airport Authority will host and execute an exhibition launch event on behalf of the artist.

How to Apply

To apply, email the YMM Digital Art Exhibit Curator Dawn Booth at Be sure to include your contact information, a brief proposal, and samples of your previous work.

Important Note

By submitting artwork for consideration, artists grant the Fort McMurray International Airport the right to display their work during the exhibition period. Artists will be credited for their work, and their intellectual property rights will be respected.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and creating an inspiring and culturally diverse digital exhibit at the Fort McMurray International Airport. Should you have any questions, please contact: