Airport Authority Announces Organizational Change

April 9, 2015

Fort McMurray, AB – April 9, 2015 The Fort McMurray Airport Authority has announced an organizational change which will allow the airport to continue to run efficiently during the current challenging economic climate in our community.

 The airport undertook a thorough review of all expenditures to assess whether savings could be found to reduce the substantially higher costs associated with operating its new main terminal building. One of the areas identified for cost reduction was to contract in-house custodial services to an external organization.

 “In response to the recent industry downturn that has impacted all organizations who contribute to the energy sector, a decision was made to analyze our corporate expenses to ensure the airport’s long-term sustainability,” said Scott Clements, President and CEO of the Fort McMurray Airport Authority. “By contracting out custodial services, we are able to reduce costs and keep the airport operating as efficiently as possible. We have worked closely with CUPE Local 1505 to ensure that our current custodial staff members are treated equitably and in accordance with their union contract.”

 On Thursday, April 9, 2015, the Fort McMurray Airport Authority provided notice to its 24 custodial staff members that custodial services will be contracted out effective June 1, 2015. The Airport Authority will highly recommend to the contractor that existing custodial staff be considered for hire by the contractor.

 About Fort McMurray International Airport

Fort McMurray Airport Authority is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that owns and operates Fort McMurray International Airport (YMM). Canada’s fifteenth busiest airport, YMM is the fastest growing airport in Canada with a passenger growth rate of 9.5% in 2014. YMM served over 1.3 million passengers in 2014.

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Joanne Barnes

Communications Coordinator

Fort McMurray Airport Authority