Hands-On Leader Drives Success at YMM

Fort McMurray Airport Authority’s Manager of Facilities and Terminal Operations Adam Lo Bianco has been instrumental in driving the success of the Facilities team and optimizing overall operations at the Fort McMurray International Airport. 

Adam’s aviation career took flight in 2006 when he served eight years in the U.S. Air Force Aircraft Maintenance role. His journey then led him to Fort McMurray, where he took on a position for McMurray Aviation as the Manager for Safety and Quality Control in 2015. 

As a member of Team YMM, Adam was in close relations with the airport and the FMAA staff. It was during this time that he developed an admiration for the people and work culture fostered by FMAA. 

“While working for McMurray Aviation, I was motivated to pursue further education and professional growth,” he said. “So, my wife and I packed up our vehicle with our two sons and headed to Florida.”

And, by January 2020, he left Fort McMurray and headed to Daytona Beach, Florida, to obtain a master’s degree with Embry-Riddle. In 2022, Adam had the opportunity to return to Fort McMurray and join FMAA. 

Since his arrival, he has significantly contributed to the success of the airport. Under his leadership, the facility team has achieved remarkable improvements. 

Ask any member of Adam’s team, and they will attest that they show up for each shift with a strong belief in the work they do and the impact they have, inspired by a leader who consistently recognizes and affirms their contributions. 

Photo: Adam Lo Bianco (second from right) at the 2023 YMM Runway Run event with his facilities teammates, Wilson Chow and Jimmy Cao (left), as well as FMAA’s Airport Maintenance Assistant Manager Valery Driz.