A Passion for Flying and Leading at Heli Source Ltd.

Peter Jordan, the Base Manager at Fort McMurray Heli Source Ltd., has dedicated 20 years of his career to Fort McMurray, Alberta. Originally a cabinet maker, Peter’s path took an unexpected turn when he discovered his passion for flying at the age of 29. Since then, he has accumulated an impressive 14,320 flight hours and has been involved in numerous wildfire efforts throughout his career.

What initially drew Peter to flying was the sense of freedom and the opportunity to witness breathtaking landscapes that few people have the privilege to see. However, as his career progressed, he found a new appreciation for the logistical challenges that come with managing large-scale projects. From organizing the transportation of personnel to coordinating operations, Peter’s role extends beyond piloting helicopters.

Peter’s expertise and dedication have made him an invaluable asset to Heli Source Ltd. With a team of five pilots, including himself, he ensures that everyone has the necessary information and resources to navigate efficiently. Whether it’s working on wildlife conservation projects or assisting with firefighting efforts, Peter’s meticulous planning and coordination skills are crucial.

Throughout his career, Peter has had many memorable experiences. One that stands out is when he discovered three individuals, including a young person and two elders, who were unaware of an approaching fire. Acting swiftly, he found a safe landing spot and evacuated them just in time. Such moments remind him of the profound impact his work has on people’s lives.

Peter’s commitment to his craft is evident in his meticulous tracking of flight hours. With over 14,000 hours logged, he continuously strives to improve his skills and expertise. His contribution to the aviation industry and the communities he serves has been immeasurable.

As a dedicated pilot and Base Manager, Peter Jordan continues to soar to new heights with Heli Source Ltd. His unwavering passion, logistical prowess, and commitment to safety make him an exceptional professional in the field of aviation.