Celebrating the Journey of a Valued Team Member’s Next Chapter

Fort McMurray Airport Authority says goodbye to its Manager of Information Technology, Taphim Zaman, after his dedicated nine-year contribution to the success of YMM.

Taphim leaves to be closer to family in Ontario and to take on a new opportunity. His growth within the organization is evident, as he progressed from an IT Network Coordinator to a Senior Manager over the years. He attributes his positive experience to the camaraderie and supportive work environment, considering his colleagues as a second family.

“The people I work with is what I will definitely miss the most and the work environment,” he shared. “I spend so much time here and it feels like home.”

His journey at the airport has been marked by resilience and notable moments of bravery, such as during the region’s devastating wildfire, where he and a small group of colleagues worked tirelessly for 13 days, ensuring the airport’s smooth operation.

“2016 was one of my most memorable years because it was a different experience. I was young and stayed back at the terminal to lock down the airport and support the water bombs,” he said. “It was a thrilling environment.”

Taphim was born and raised in Bangladesh, and it’s where he met his now wife in 2008. In May 2010, he moved to Toronto to pursue a Bachelor in Computer Science, specializing in software engineering at the University of Windsor. In 2014, he married and welcomed his son in 2021.

Taphim’s departure is bittersweet, as he leaves behind cherished memories and close relationships, having bridged cultural differences and fostered inclusivity. Returning to his hometown in Ontario allows Taphim to reconnect with his extended family and school friends.

While his departure marks the end of an era, it also presents new opportunities for growth and development for both Taphim and YMM. The team wishes him success and happiness in his new chapter!

Fort McMurray Airport Authority Leadership Team: President & CEO Denean Robinson, VP of Operations, Cuyler Green and VP of Commercial & Air Services Michael Sieger present Taphim Zaman (second from right) with a commemorative plaque in March 2024.